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hurricane katrina survivors need your help!

lynda1 started this conversation

On aug. 29TH 2005 my familys life was changed.We was dis placed by katrina like so many.We finnally got a house through fema.It is a hud house.We found out that we could purchase the home.We was approved the loan to buy the house.Everything seemed to be going well until 2 days ago our mortage company called and said that we missed the deadline in closing to obtain the no money down program that we was approved for.Now we a deadline of Sept.1st. to come up with $2400.00or we lose the opportunity to buy this house.So once again my family is going to lose the place we have called home.My husband is a very hard worker.I recently found work also.but ther is no way we can come up with that kind of money in that time frame.We lost alot of our belongings due to the hurricane now we may lose our home again unless we can find some help.We dont like asking for anything but i just dont know what else to do.The mortage company said that the money had to come in the form of a gift or a grant.We could not get it any other way because we are getting financing through FHA.So please help me and my family keep our home!God Bless you! email     

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hey im doing a school report on hurrican katrina n what went on and what fema didnt do im interested in interview peolpe if u kan help me email me on

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please help my family keep our husband was injured while on the job and was disabled i work but dont make enough.there is no more workmans comp checks.we are $900.00 in dept with our home equity loan if we dont pay buy december 6, we will lose our home to foreclosure.our was my husbands mom and dads house its old but liveable.we have 2 kids.i dont know how to tell them weve lost our home.please help us please.

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i have tried all of the organizations the one that helped me was fema i am now living in a mobile home with mold and roof and floor damage. i work full time and have two children with disabilities and i am still struggleing to pay bills i am single do not recieve child support and last month the mailman totaled my truck. now next week hope and faith will pay my power bill agian and my water bill agian and will buy school clothes for my kids. i would like some one to tell me how to fix my situation considering i do not get food stamps or any goverment help because i work. if i dont work i dont eat. i would appreciate any adviceor help ann pettus po box 73 coffeville ala 36524

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To Lynda1, have you tried unitedway,redcross, public foundations,community foundations,,God Bless sandy6

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m brown

really you are blessed to get a house we havent received shit and no one even offered to even help us and we no there are millons of funds out there but all people are doing is pocketing the funds for there own needs.

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We have tried every thing.I get numbers to call and all i get is more numbers to call.Im just about at the end of the rope anyone have any suggestions on how to raise the money for our house please let me know.

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Go to the government's official website and locate the grant programs that provide grant money for providing downpayments on HUD housing. The sooner you locate the programs the sooner you can apply for the grants that provide downpayment grants.
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